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Mediation Services

Problem solving is our passion. The Mediation Firm of Florida was founded by lawyers who realized that parties to a court case care about results - not about the litigation process. Likewise, our mediators derive satisfaction by resolving disputes and giving clients the peace of mind that comes with settling a court case or any other matter.  Contact us any time to discuss how we can help you find solutions.

Online Divorce Mediation Without Lawyers ("Pro Se")

If you and your spouse have agreed to get divorced but you can't agree about the particular details such as the Children, Property, Child Support, Alimony, Etc., mediation is a great way to try to resolve these issues without incurring high legal fees or waiting for the Court to decide your future. 

Divorce and Family Law Mediation

As both family law attorneys and mediators, we have been on all sides of the mediation process. We will make sure the mediation process is fair, neutral, impartial, and efficient. Our only goal is the help husbands, wives, mothers, and fathers resolve their divorce and family law cases voluntarily on their own terms in lieu of involuntary court resolution.

County and Circuit Civil Mediation

We offer mediation for all types of County Court and Circuit Court cases across the State of Florida including negligence, contract cases, malpractice, and other civil disputes. We strive to help parties to civil actions leave mediation with a full or partial agreement resolving issues in their cases. Neutrality and Impartiality are key to successful mediation.

Professional / Non-Court Mediation

Our trained mediators offer mediation services for all types of disputes even outside of the Court system. Examples include workplace, educational, family, and neighborhood disputes. Contact us to discuss how we may help you resolve any dispute.

Appellate Mediation

Some Florida District Courts of Appeal encourage appellate mediation as a means to resolve cases before going through entire costly appellate process. We offer appellate mediation as a means to avoid this costly process and and opportunity to resolve pending disputes on the parties' terms rather than leaving resolution up to the appellate panel.

Dependency Mediation

Juvenile dependency cases are among the most emotionally tolling court cases in the Florida court system. Dependency mediation gives the parent(s), the Department of Children of Families, and other interested parties the opportunity to negotiate solutions to these matters rather than proceeding through an often painful process.

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