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Our Florida Mediation Team

We are professional mediators with one goal: to help people resolve disputes more efficiently and with less expense than the court system. We use our backgrounds in law, business, behavior analysis, and real estate to help you craft individualized solutions to your unique problems. 

FL Supreme Court  Certified Family, Circuit, County, Appellate and Dependency Mediator Stephen Brown

Stephen Brown, Esq. 

Chief Mediation Officer

Stephen Brown is one of, at the time of writing, fewer than 50 mediators certified by the Florida Supreme Court in all five areas of certification: Family, Circuit Civil, County, Appellate, and Dependency.  As a practicing lawyer for 15 years, Stephen learned that his passion was for the problem-solving aspects of legal work so he founded The Mediation Firm of Florida to provide online divorce, civil, and appellate mediation services throughout the State of Florida

Online Divorce Mediator

Elizabeth Rice, Esq.

Founding Member

More coming soon.

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